CONAVAL offers shipping services, operating mainly Bulk Carriers, covering routes in South American and the rest of the world.


CONAVAL is a company with long experience in the operation of ships and long term charters, being considered “first class charterer”, counting in its trajectory with an extensive record of vessels under Time Charter contracts. The company specializes in the transportation of bulk, general cargo and special cargo, operating a fleet of Handysize, self-unloading bulk carriers..

Based on the experience of its staff and long presence in the market, the company efficiently satisfies the different maritime transportation needs of a wide range of exporting and importing customers.


The company is a permanent member of the Chile-Brazil bilateral agreement and offers transportation services between the west and east coast of South America, operating the BRASPAC service ships since 1995.

CONAVAL has offices in the Barra de Tijuca Business Center in Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, where it has a highly qualified commercial team to operate efficiently in the largest market in South America. In terms of its activities, CONAVAL is mainly engaged in the transportation of products derived from steel and bulk cargo to and from the west coast of South America.


CONAVAL has its headquarters and operations center in Valparaíso, Chile. Full style is:

Compañía Naviera Valparaíso S.A.

Almirante Gómez Carreño 49 Valparaíso, Chile.
Phone: +56 32 2607000


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