Our Team

MARVAL’s team stands out for its integrity, wide experience in different areas, flexibility for the adequate design of tailored services, and for the true passion that moves all its professionals to do things well.

The proximity of all its work team, combined with the presence of experienced professionals in each of its facilities allows the company to make quick decisions and have adequate response times.

The characteristics described and, above all, the existence of an integral and specialized human team have allowed MARVAL to gain the trust of its clients, achieving a respectable position in the market.


In an area where efficiency is key, together with specialization and rapid decision making, MARVAL recognizes the experience and know-how as a central point in the success of its management.

Knowing the customs regulations, the optimal stowage of a ship or a container, or planning a project load, are examples of an activity where knowledge is fundamental to achieve excellence in service.


In the field of logistics you need to make quick decisions to become a logistics partner that generates value solutions for customers. For this reason, MARVAL has a structure in which the communication between its collaborators flows quickly, being a complete involvement of the decision levels in the operations, which allows fast and dynamic answers to the different needs of its clients.


The profile of a MARVAL employee must be in line with the culture and philosophy of the group of companies. The organization seeks long-term relationships, both with its clients and with those who work in MARVAL, relationships that must be based on mutual trust. Therefore, taking care of these relationships and trust, through the provision of professional services in full and in a timely manner, are values that are actively promoted in the company.


Teamwork is essential in every activity of MARVAL, where each employee is essential for the achievement of the objectives set. In addition to this work, the company actively encourages the motivation and passion that each employee of MARVAL applies in its stage of the process in pursuit of the logistics solution designed as key to the success and differentiation of their services. To achieve this, the organization combines the valuation of experience and betting on youth, seeking above all that each employee feels considered an active part of the “MARVAL family”, and so be projected in all their actions.