Safety & Security

For MARVAL, people are the most important resource. This is why safety and responsible care of its employees and environment are fundamental pillars, being present in all stages of operation processes, ensuring a high and sustainable service quality, for the benefit of customers, the environment and their own.


Highly committed with safety & security in all its operations, and inherent persons, goods and assets, MARVAL has a security committee involved in permanent policies review, risk assessment, incident analysis, insurance coverage review, claims and contingencies handling, amongst other matters. This committee is headed by the company’s top management and has autonomous capacity, being a key factor for the constant improvement of processes, and to have the necessary agility when contingencies arise, initiative that also leads to low accident rates.


Aware of its relevance and seeking to be part of world-class policies, MARVAL is certified under ISO quality standards since year 2006. The standardization of processes and commitment towards continuous improvement, has been an important factor for improving service levels and quality, benefiting customers, the company itself and its inherent working team.