Maritima Valparaíso Chile S.A. (MARVAL) was born in 1989, performing international chartering operations and liner shipping agency services. Throughout the years, the organization has incorporated several representations and activities, establishing an extensive network of agencies that covers the main Chilean ports to offer maritime, port and logistics services.


Conscious of the rapid globalization of logistics operations and services, MARVAL begins a stage of internationalization covering key points throughout the Americas. The expansion to international market was developed by opening up company offices in the United States (Miami – 1993), Peru (Lima – 1998), Bolivia (La Paz – 1995) and Brazil (Rio de Janeiro – 2007).


Compañía Naviera Valparaíso S.A. (CONAVAL) was born in 1995 and established as a Chilean shipping company, whose main current activity is operating the BRASPAC service, transporting steel products from Brazil to the west coast of South America. Through this shipping company, MARVAL delivers long-term maritime transport services, maintaining permanent activity in maritime traffic.


To ensure the highest standards of service, MARVAL begins a stage of investments in its own cargo terminals. In 2009 inaugurates the Valparaíso Terminal and at the end of the same year incorporates SEAPORT in San Antonio. In 2012 starts operating Bahía Concepción, followed in 2014 by the opening of Santiago and Antofagasta. During 2016 the company begins to operate its Mejillones Terminal.


MARVAL has been involved in port operations since its foundation, providing shipping agency and stevedoring services. This is how its incorporation in 2013 on the property of Puerto Panul, concessionaire of the main bulk carrier port of the chilean Macro Central Zone, is part of a natural step in the growth of the organization and the expansion of its service spectrum.