MARVAL provides integral services to Shipping companies both for Port Agency and General Agency


MARVAL is one of the largest independent shipping agencies in Chile, capable of providing integral services to shipping companies, both for Port Agency and General Agency. The company has a wide network of offices and a highly professional human team that responds with excellent services to the diverse requirements of its clients.


Services to regular liner vessels which arrives at Chilean ports

  • General Agent
  • Port Agent
  • Husbandry Agent
  • Documental Agent
  • Container Tracking

Marítima Valparaíso manage administrative and operational issues for the proper arrival, stay and departure of the ships, their cargoes and crew, before the relevant authorities and agencies, ensuring the expeditious entry, exit and transit of cargoes.


Marval operates with Intermarine a regular liner Joint Service between the US Gulf, the Caribbean and West coast of South America, for the transport of break bulk cargo, containers, and/or project loads (oversized).

  • More than 30 years of presence in this traffic
  • Modern Multipurpose ships fleet


Ship Agency service to shipping companies which transport reefer cargoes, providing a global solution, both documentary and operational, for the expeditious export of perishable products.

  • Port Agent
  • Documental services
  • Operational services
  • Shipments coordination and operational control
  • Management and administration of maritime reserve
  • Land transport coordination
  • Control and administration of reefer containers, with cross docking option


Services to spot vessels (bulk carriers, tankers, among others) which call at Chilean ports, representing the shipowner and/or the cargo owner.

  • Port Agent
  • Charter Agent
  • Port Log
  • Vessel Tracking

The vessel operations are coordinated from before its arrival, upon arrival at the port, as well as while its stay and departure.

The client receives a personalized service, through a Focal point, who centralizes the delivery of information and the progress of the service in its different steps.


Special service of vessel attention at shipyards, solving the complete requirements of the ship, crew and engineers during their stay in dike.

  • Reception and assistance at Port
  • Spare parts clearance and delivery
  • Crew and engineers assistance
  • Crew changes
  • Cash delivery
  • Medical attention coordination
  • Accommodation arrangement
  • Inland Transport
  • Support boats (launches, tugboats and barges)


Specialized attention service for the owner matters for Shipmanagers, Technical managers and Crew managers.

Crew services:

  • Visas,Shorepasses
  • Work permit
  • Medical and dental attention coordination
  • Accommodation arrangement
  • Cash delivery
  • Translator/Document translations

Vessel services:

  • Spares logistics delivery (Airport clearance-vessel delivery)
  • Storage
  • Lubricants and fuels delivery
  • Garbage and waste removal
  • Water and supplies delivery


Representation service and documentary attention to Freight Forwarders and Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier

  • Documental support: Customs manifest, BL amendment, Doc fee, Print Bl, Clearence fee and Manifest Hbl
  • Transits and transshipment processing
  • Operative support: coordination and supervision of container consolidation, cargo inspection, transport coordination
  • Administrative and collection
  • In house: staff in customer dependencies in front office, back office and/or customer service


Specialized Service for Tanktainers Operators

  • Documental support to customers, both import and export
  • Temporal admission of tanks
  • Stock control
  • Technical support to customers
  • Depot services (storage, repairs, cleaning, periodic tests)
  • Re-exportation of empty tanktainers


Services offered to foreign companies who develop maritime projects within Chilean Coast and waters, including logistic support and advisory for understanding relevant Chilean regulations for the success of his work

  • Port Agent for foreign flag vessels
  • Temporal Admission for special crafts and equipment
  • Work permit and assistance for crew and engineers
  • Logistic support: container and office rental, warehousing, depot, Custom bonded warehouse (CFS) and cargo transport
  • Complementary Services and Equipment: support craft, launches, barges, diving services, Chilean crew on board
  • Other services required, according to the characteristics of the project.


MARVAL has the resources and infrastructure to represent the interests of shipowners, owners of cargo, and all kind of intermediaries in the process of entering and leaving goods to the Chilean coasts

Extensive office coverage: own offices and alliances
Trajectory and technical experience in the shipping industry
Highly qualified work teams
Continuous attention 24 x 7
Periodic service reports - Focal Point
High safety standards


Complete network of agencies in the main cities and ports of Chile.

Own offices:

Arica, Iquique, Mejillones, Antofagasta, Coquimbo, Quintero, Valparaíso, Santiago, San Antonio, Talcahuano

Other ports served:

Lirquén, Penco, San Vicente, Coronel, Puerto Montt, Punta Arenas, and other ports required by the client.

Main offices:

Almirante Gómez Carreño 49
Valparaíso, Chile
Phone: +56 32 2607000


We have created an extensive network of offices and logistics centers strategically located in Chile and America.

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