Trucking is a key factor in logistics. With an own truck fleet integrated to the MARVAL network, the company provides tailored services all through Chile territory.


Counting with a professional and experienced team, state-of-the-art equipment and technology, MARVAL purpose is to deliver operational excellence and inherent customer satisfaction.


The company offers specialized services for the transport of any type of container:

  • 40´ST, 40´HC, 20´, 20´extra reinforced.
  • Open Top Models, Platforms, Open Side.
  • Containers for IMO and General cargo.
  • Special Units (45 Foot Containers).

In addition, the company offers container unloading service.


The company offers specialized services for the transport of refrigerated cargoes:

  • Reefer containers transport (40´ and 20´), for fresh and frozen products.
  • Trucks chassis duly equipped with Underlslung generators.
  • Reefer trailers for fresh fruit and perishable products.


MARVAL offers specialized services for a wide scope of general cargo:

  • Break bulk.
  • Machinery, parts and pieces.
  • Different Bags and drums.
  • Loads with canvas.
  • Steel coils and plates.
  • IMO cargo.

In addition, the download service is offered.


The company carries out the transport of this type of cargo, highlighting:

  • Over-dimensioned cargoes and special projects that require road permits.
  • Road studies, private escorts and/or police.
  • High-tonnage machinery, electrical rooms, metal structures and concrete, amongst others.
  • Preparation of project cargo for inland transport and delivery to vessel.
  • Special cargo storage at port and haulage to vessel.
  • Primary assemblies


MARVAL has the following equipment:


The MARVAL transport division is located in the industrial zone of Placilla de Peñuelas, alongside Route 68, at kilometer 97. It accesses Valparaíso and its terminals via route 68 and Santos Ossa downhill, at 18 kilometers distance, representing an advantage over access through the ZEAL Logistic Support Extension Zone which represents a 24 kilometer route.

MARVAL SPA – Transport Division
Ruta 68 – km 97.950, Placilla de Peñuelas, Valparaíso, Chile.
Tel.: +56 322131880


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